Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, we have 10400 channels from around the world and adding new ones regularly!

We have a well organized movies & Series for the following countries. We update regularly with the latest movies & Series and adding ew Countries Constantly.

Yes, we have many Movies & Series which have the option to select ad choose subtitles in many languages. Same thing with Audio, some Movies and Series have multiple Audio selections.

For the majority of Counntries, each chanel is available in 4 version: SD, HD, FHD and 4k
We are connstatly working on enhancig all our chanels Quality!

For SD Content: a minimum of 5 mbps is required!
For HD Content: a minimum of 8 mbps is required!
For FHD & 4K Content: a minimum of 14 mbps is required!

Yes, Electronic Program Guide is available with all our subscriptions. Please note all applications support EPG!

Don't Hesitate to Contact Us!

It takes us only 10 minutes max to activate your subscription after you’ve made your purchase!

You can directly pay with Paypal or Credit Card in our website.
You can also pay using: Western Union, Ria, Moneygram, CashPlus

You can use our subscription from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection.

Yes, you can use 1 subscription with multiple devices, but not at the same time.